I was born in Gillingham and have lived in the area all my life and have had a love of tennis since a very young age alongside other sports. I was invited to help a small friendly outdoor tennis club in Gillingham fifteen years ago, and during my involvement, I could see there was a need for all children in Medway to have the opportunity to play tennis.

We now have this fabulous facility, with coaches in place to train children for the future. Our aim is to stimulate a renaissance in tennis and make Medway a healthier and happier place to live. If we can create a few tennis stars along the way for Britain, all the better.  

We also have a premium gym with all the latest equipment, health suite, badminton courts, fitness class studios, function rooms, restaurant, and bar all spread over four acres.  Avenue Tennis is about lifestyle and quality of experience, we aim to ensure your time with us is well spent. So once again, welcome!

Colin Jarvis

Colin Jarvis