Club Rules

All capitalised, but as yet undefined terms shall have the meaning given to them in the Terms and Conditions, a copy of which can be found at The safety of all Visitors and our employees is of paramount importance to the Company. These Rules are in place to ensure that all Visitors and the Company’s employees feel safe and secure when with us in the Club.

If you do not agree to observe these Rules at any time, you must not use the Club.

The Company is committed to ensuring all Visitors are satisfied with the Club. However, the Company realises that, on occasion, things may not go according to plan. If any Visitor has a complaint in relation to these Rules at any time, Visitors are requested to direct the complaint to a member of the Club’s staff as soon as possible.

At the Club, we make every possible effort to combine our services and facilities so they complement each other and create an environment that is hassle-free and convenient for all Visitors allowing you to relax and enjoy the time you have with us.

Visitors are required to only use all of the Club’s facilities and equipment for the purpose for which they are designed or intended.

Visitors must not conduct business or commercial activities from within the Club’s premises without the prior written consent of the Company.

Our restaurant serves up seasonal, locally sourced British cuisine where Visitors can enjoy a meal with friends and family, a spontaneous pint of lager and a burger, or a selection of breads paired with fine wine – all served by our friendly team, who are always happy to help. Any Visitors wishing to use the restaurant are required to observe the publicised dress code.

The cafe has a more relaxed feel to it where you can order food and beverages.

One of the team at reception will happily organise a taxi for you.

We offer free wireless connectivity to all within the Club. Please refer to reception to connect.

All Members have access to lockers which are located within the changing rooms and are activated via your Membership fob, eliminating the need for keys or padlocks. Members are advised not to leave bags or personal items in the lockers overnight as they will be emptied every evening. The Club are not responsible for items lost or stolen. Items stored within lockers are done so at the member's or guest's own risk. Members and guests may collect items left within lockers or lost items at Reception for up to one to three months; following that, items shall be donated to charity. Please hand any lost items to Reception.

Members are permitted to bring along guests to the Club so you can enjoy our facilities with friends and family. On their first visit, every guest will be required to complete and sign a guest information form and participate in an introduction assessment and complete a health commitment statement. Every subsequent visit, they will be required to simply sign in at Reception. Coin slot lockers are available for guests.

Our luxurious changing rooms are fully equipped with showers, bathroom facilities and lockers.

Includes a sauna, steam room, monsoon shower and heated pods. Visitors must observe all notices placed at the entrance to each listed appliance before use.

The unisex steam room and sauna are located between the men’s and women’s changing areas and are strictly for individuals of the ages 16+. Refer to health and safety rules within the website and guidance notifications within the health suite.

The gym is divided into clearly defined training areas designed to maximise your workout efficiency. We offer premium TechnoGym equipment, each with integrated TVs, integrated workouts, and a virtual trainer facility.

A studio dedicated to spinning is fitted with a large visual screen, which allows the creation of either a great ambience or intensity in which to enjoy the spinning experience. Please ensure your bike is wiped down after use.

A dedicated class teaching space with various pieces of equipment caters for a large variety of classes from our extensive timetable of high intensity to mind and body. Our 3 studios are listed as The Flow Studio, The Strength and Conditioning Studio and The Studio.

Our tennis coaches are Lawn Tennis Association (LTA) registered.  We ask all members to kindly use the available drag mats to smooth the clay courts once finished resulting in an even surface for the next member. When exiting the clay courts, please make use of the brush mats. Appropriate footwear is required for the different court surfaces. Members play racquet sports at their own risk and are asked to apply common sense in looking out for themselves and other members at all times.

Our shop stocks all equipment that you may want to use on the court, including rackets, balls, grips etc.

Gift vouchers are available in monetary value for most items within the club, including personal training sessions, the restaurant, tennis coaching sessions, the Club shop and the ultimate gift of membership itself.


  • Members are inducted and monitored using our qualified fitness team who assess body composition, health and physical ability.
  • Based on the findings from each assessment, you will be recommended a training package to include personal training, classes, nutrition, treatments and supplementation. Our Fitness Manager or one of his team will complete all fitness assessments and consultations to design a bespoke program for you which will be managed and assessed on an ongoing basis.
  • Visitors are only permitted to use the Club’s personal trainers within the Club.
  • All Visitors are required to undertake the Club’s induction programme and complete a health commitment statement relating to the Club’s programs, equipment and facilities.
  • Visitors agree to observe all signs relating to health and safety located around the Club and consult with a member of staff if unsure.
  • Visitors must immediately make their way to the marked assembly point within the Club’s car park, through the nearest clearly marked fire exit, in the event of a fire alarm, without stopping to collect personal belongings.
  • All Visitors who feel unwell at any time are asked to refrain from using the Club’s equipment and to contact a member of staff immediately.
  • To ensure the health and safety of other Visitors and members of the Club’s staff, any Visitor who reasonably believes they are or may be infected with any contagious disease or illness is politely asked not to visit the Club until they are free of all symptoms.
  • In the case of an incident or accident, please report it immediately to a member of the Club’s staff. There is a first aid room if you require however, please notify one of the team in the first instance so we may ensure you are looked after.

Children under the age of 13 must be accompanied by an adult or have an adult guardian on the Club’s premises at all times. Guardians of children under this age are required to ensure that any child is appropriately behaved at all times.

  • Children under 16 are not permitted to use the health suite.
  • Children under 13 are not permitted to use the gym.

In accordance with applicable laws, smoking is not permitted anywhere inside the Club.

The outside areas on the Club’s premises are strictly no-smoking areas. Visitors are only permitted to smoke in the designated smoking area located externally at the North end of the restaurant. The Club’s staff will be happy to provide directions if required.

Other than food and drink to be consumed directly relating to the activity Visitors intend to undertake on the Club’s premises, food and drink that has not been purchased at the Club cannot be consumed anywhere on site. Visitors are politely requested to place all litter and rubbish in the bins provided or to take them home.

Visitors must not use, ingest, possess, or distribute any illegal drugs or substances at any time whilst on the Club’s premises.

Parking at the Club is free of charge for Members who are required to park within the marked bays in a non-obstructive manner at all times. All vehicles parked and contents left within the vehicle is left at the owner’s risk.

Parking spaces are to be used only whilst the driver of the relevant vehicle is actively using any of the Club facilities.

Only disabled badge holders may use the disabled parking spaces.

Parking spaces are limited and not guaranteed.

Visitors may take photographs or video recordings for their own personal use, provided they have the consent of the person being photographed.

Any audio-visual recording equipment is not permitted to be used in this manner within the changing areas, sauna, steam room, health suite or bathrooms.

Visitors are not permitted to take any photographs or video recordings of any child other than their own.

All Visitors are required to wear clothing that is appropriate for the activities they intend to undertake whilst at the Club. Jeans are not permitted within the fitness or racquet facilities, however, they may be worn within the restaurant, bar and café. 

Visitors are to shower before entering the health suite and to wear appropriate clothing at all times (e.g. bathing shorts, bikinis, bathing costumes).

Visitors are not permitted to use black-soled training shoes on any of the courts within the Club.


All members of staff and volunteers agree to:

  • Prioritise the well-being of all children and adults at risk at all times
  • Treat all children and adults at risk fairly and with respect
  • Be a positive role model. Act with integrity, even when no one is looking
  • Help to create a safe and inclusive environment both on and off court
  • Not allow any rough or dangerous behaviour, bullying or the use of bad or inappropriate language
  • Report all allegations of abuse or poor practice to the club Welfare Officer
  • Not use any sanctions that humiliate or harm a child or adult at risk
  • Value and celebrate diversity and make all reasonable efforts to meet individual needs
  • Keep clear boundaries between professional and personal life, including on social media
  • Have the relevant consent from parents/carers, children and adults before taking or using photos and videos
  • Refrain from making physical contact with children or adults unless it is necessary as part of an emergency or congratulatory (e.g. handshake / high five)
  • Refrain from smoking and consuming alcohol during club activities or coaching sessions
  • Ensure roles and responsibilities are clearly outlined and everyone has the required information and training
  • Avoid being alone with a child or adult at risk unless there are exceptional circumstances
  • Refrain from transporting children or adults at risk, unless this is required as part of a club activity (e.g. away match) and there is another adult in the vehicle
  • Not abuse, neglect, harm or discriminate against anyone; or act in a way that may be interpreted as such
  • Not have a relationship with anyone under 18 for whom they are coaching or responsible for
  • Not to have a relationship with anyone over 18 whilst continuing to coach or be responsible for them

All children agree to:

  • Be friendly, supportive and welcoming to other children and adults
  • Play fairly and honestly
  • Respect club staff, volunteers and Officials and accept their decisions
  • Behave, respect and listen to your coach
  • Take care of your equipment and club property
  • Respect the rights, dignity and worth of all participants regardless of age, gender, ability, race, culture, religion or sexual identity
  • Not use bad, inappropriate or racist language, including on social media
  • Not bully, intimidate or harass anyone, including on social media
  • Not smoke, drink alcohol or drugs of any kind on club premises or whilst representing the club at competitions or events
  • Talk to the club Welfare Officer about any concerns or worries they have about themselves or others

For reasons of hygiene and safety, all Visitors must:

  • Avoid drug and alcohol intake before exercising;
  • Receive instruction on the use of gym equipment prior to commencing a new exercise programme;
  • Shower before entering the health suite;
  • not shave or exfoliate within the health suite;
  • not use body or hair products within the health suite;
  • Wear suitable clothing and footwear for all activities;
  • Not use any glass materials in any area other than the Restaurant and/or Bar; and
  • Not bring any pets into the Club apart from guide dogs.

High standards of personal hygiene and general cleanliness must be maintained to ensure all Visitors benefit from the total experience of the gym and studio classes, therefore we ask that all Visitors:

  • Make every effort to deodorise before using the gym;
  • Ensure footwear and clothing is clean and free from odours;
  • Appropriate exercise clothing and tops must be worn, always
  • Bags, and personal belongings, including coats, are not permitted within studio classes or the Gym
  • Wipe down equipment after use
  • Ensure all weights are safely placed back in the racks provided once finished
  • Do not enter any class once it has started for safety purposes. Please note inappropriate or aggressive behaviour towards employees managing class attendance will not be tolerated
  • If you are unable to partake in a booked class, please cancel, allowing another member to attend
  • Not take any glass containers, hot beverages or food into the gym or studios.

We politely ask all Visitors to treat others in a manner they would wish to be treated themselves. We ask all Visitors to conduct themselves in a quiet and well-mannered way that will not disturb or impair the use and enjoyment of the Club by any other person. Visitors must not shout, use foul or abusive language (in any language) or behave in a threatening or intimidating manner in any way.

Inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated, and the Club will act against such conduct, which shows a lack of respect for others or which leads people to feel threatened, intimidated or harassed. No drunkenness, bad language or other misconduct is permitted on the Club premises.

Please consider others when using mobile phones and keep the length and volume of calls to a minimum. Mobile phones are not to be used when in the health suite.

Music is only to be played on personal silent headsets and not to be played in a manner that disrupts others

Visitors are not permitted to engage the services of any member of the Club’s staff or independent contractor for use outside the Club.

Members and guests are encouraged to make any comment or complaint via the Member Complaint/Incident report forms located at reception.

The shift leader on duty will fill out the form with you and record all relevant details.

Please ensure that all contact details are detailed on the form in order that a member of the management team can contact you accordingly to discuss if required.

Members and guests may also contact the General Manager. It is our aim that we respond within 48 hours of receiving a comment or complaint. All written and verbal complaints are discussed at the club’s morning team meeting every weekday and tracked until resolved.