How long have you been a member of Avenue Tennis?
I joined Avenue Tennis in January 2019. 

Tell us about your experience with your Personal Trainer and your wellness journey...
I decided to book in with Jake for some PT earlier in the year. I wanted it to be quite specific as it needed to keep my attention! I love boxing and wanted to know more about it. So, Jake created a weekly boxing training programme. I wanted to lose some weight and tone up. We worked together twice a week. We did my full stats at the start, then seven weeks later, we had another 'stat-in'. We'd worked hard twice a week for these seven weeks, and I'd loved every minute of it.  

I now have a much deeper knowledge of boxing, and each session, Jake puts together new routines in the form of an intense workout. It's a great technical and physical workout, and I've crawled out of many sessions. But, the best part of it all is Jake listened to what I wanted, which was important to me. I must do what I want to do to keep myself focused at this point in life.

After seven weeks, we did a stat review, and the results were incredible. I was shocked at what I'd achieved in such a short time. I was absolutely delighted and have continued PT with Jake. 

I cannot rate Jake high enough, he listened to me and set me on trial based on what I wanted, and we both got results. Not only that, but Jake's a great guy who's well informed with an in-depth knowledge of his profession. I have had PT with several instructors over the years, and the majority have ultimately 'lost interest' as time goes on. The opposite has happened with Jake, and he's keen to spur me on to greater things.

What is your next step?
I'm hoping to have some more PT sessions now and again in the future.  I'm continuing with my running and doing my best to get into the boxing class on a Wednesday. 

I'm so pleased I decided to treat myself to some PT - I got way more out of it than I was hoping for. It's a lovely gym, and I thoroughly enjoy going there!

Personal Trainer Jake Duffield:
Angela has been great to train. I set out boxing drills throughout her 1-2-1 sessions, and Angela advanced very well and absolutely gave 110% in each session. Angela is very determined and has so much potential, which showed in each session we planned. We were focusing on 1-2-1 focus pad work and really worked with agility, movement, and fitness. As a result, Angela had an amazing outcome when we reviewed her stats. Angela went from 34% body fat to 26%; Visceral fat dropped from 7 to 5, Muscle lean mass increased from 40 kgs to 45 kgs and her metabolic age reduced from 49 to 39. Great effort and I am very proud of what Angela has achieved, and I look forward to continuing Angela's desired goals for the near future. It's been a pleasure! Keep up the great work.

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