How long have you been a member of Avenue Tennis?
I joined Avenue Tennis in January 2018; my daughter was already a member.  When it first opened, I spent a lot of time in the Restaurant and Bar, which does amazing food.  When I had a look around at the gym facilities, I was so impressed I ended up joining myself.

Tell us about your experience with your Personal Trainer (Jake Duffield) and your wellness journey... 
When I first joined, my personal trainer set me up with mywellness program, which I found very useful.  The Tanita machine was very good at overall body analysis.  After that, I was given a program to follow which was tailored to my fitness goals that I wanted to achieve.

I really wanted to try out the exercise classes and was so worried about my personal fitness level at the time.  I was afraid I would embarrass myself and not be good enough to do them.  But once I tried one, I was much more at ease.  Although the classes are tough, the fitness trainers always let everyone workout at their own pace and lots of people attend who are at different fitness levels, so I really had nothing to worry about.  Now I love doing the classes and enjoy the variety available.

I have always found all the personal trainers very helpful at Avenue Tennis; however, I would like to give special recognition to Jake, who has only recently taken over my wellness program. He is always gone out of his way to help me with advice.  He was the first to help me when I was not sure how to use some of the weight machines.  I am glad he has taken over my wellness journey so that he can guide me through my next goals.

What is your next step?
When I first joined, my target was to lose overall body weight/fat; and Avenue Tennis has helped achieve my goal!!  I am more than happy with my current body weight; my next target will be to maintain my current weight while trying to increase my metabolism.  This should help me condition certain parts of my body and strengthen my muscles.  I would also like to improve my stamina.

Jake will be helping me set up a fitness program to achieve my goals and creating a food plan which will help achieve that.

Jake Duffield – Fitness manager
Geeta has been a fantastic member to train. Following and being part of her journey has been great. Geeta is super friendly and very ambitions and always pushes herself to improve her performance as well as herself confidence and appearance. Geeta started attending my Boxercise classes early last year, and I was very impressed by how far she developed with motor skills, confidence, and overall ability. Always taking on advice and puts in 100% every time.

It is very easy to fall into our comfort zones, we are creatures of comfort, but our bodies and minds are stubborn and can become very used to doing the same things. Geeta started to mix up her style of training and was following a more controlled (balanced) nutrition plan and increasing her exercise per week. In result, Geeta’s transformation has been amazing.

Since returning Geeta has lost a staggering 18.5 inches in size all over, reducing her body fat by 5%, weight loss of a further 9 lbs, Visceral fat as low as 3 and reduced her metabolic age to 26. She has increased her overall physical performance from weights to cardiovascular. Great effort!

We now look to further her training by changing her tailored fitness plan, adapting her eating plan to reach those last important goals. We aim to make this a lifestyle change and maintain this for better health and wellbeing.

Geeta also uses all areas of our club and is a very valid member, Avenue Tennis and I are very impressed with your progression and look forward to seeing you achieve your lifestyle goals. Keep up the excellent work!

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