How long have you been a member of Avenue Tennis?
I joined in January 2020 so technically eight months, but four months in Lockdown has halved that.

Tell us about your experience with your Personal Trainer (Wayne Gemmell) and your wellness journey... 
Wayne has been very supportive in developing a plan which fits in with my own level of fitness (which in January was pretty poor!) building on my levels of fitness and strength to make steady progress.

I already feel fitter and stronger and am pleased with some weight loss. I am now 14 years younger (Metabolic age) than when I joined eight months ago!! Woo hoo!!

What is your next step?
My recent results have encouraged me to try to achieve more, and Wayne has developed another gym programme to help reach higher goals. Also, I am now learning to use the free weights and joining different classes to add variety to my gym visits.

A big thank you to Wayne and Mark (Yoga) and Julie (Pilates) whose support and advice has been fantastic in pointing me in the right direction.  

Wayne Gemmell – Personal Trainer
Since joining Avenue Tennis in January, Steph has been working towards her goals diligently. For someone who had little experience in a gym environment before joining, she has been willing to learn new movement patterns and push herself every step of the way, whilst sticking to the plan. When combined with staying active away from the gym has really paid dividends to fitness, strength and overall body composition.

This has culminated in a post lockdown weight loss of 7.5kg (1st 2lb) and a reduction in body fat of 3%. Stephanie's body shape has changed as well, dropping a combined total of 27cm (10.5inches) over her whole body.

Since achieving these fantastic results, we have sat down and adapted her training programme to make sure the progress is not stifled. I am looking forward to seeing what the next six weeks bring for Steph.

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