We are happy to announce that from the 12th April 2021, all members aged 16 and over can benefit from 10% off all food and beverage purchases in the Avenue bar and restaurant.

For instructions to claim your discount and applicable terms and conditions, please see below:

  • You will need to show your waiter/waitress your digital membership card. This is located in the Avenue Tennis App. Accessible via 'More' and tapping the barcode
  • You must have a photo visible on the Avenue Tennis App so the staff member can verify you. If your photo is not on the app, please speak to reception.
  • Please understand the team are permitted to ask to see your digital membership card each time, even if they know you are a member.
  • Your membership discount is valid for up to a maximum of 6 people on a table. Please note the final bill cannot be split for payment unless all of the customers on the table are members.
  • Coffee loyalty cards will no longer be valid.

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