Member of the month : Grant Long

How long have you been a member of Avenue Tennis?
I joined Avenue Tennis in March as a founding member.

Tell us about your experience with your Personal Trainer (Jacob Ferla) and your wellness journey...
I have been into health and fitness for over 15 years, so I follow my own training and nutritional programmes; however, Jacob is always around during a workout to spot me through a tough set or show me a new exercise to hit the muscle in a unique way that I might not have tried before. All the Personal Trainers in the gym are excellent and very friendly and offer free advice or just a friendly chat on how my training is progressing.

What really changed in my training was the fitness classes that Avenue Tennis offers, in previous gyms I have always concentrated on weight lifting, but classes such as Group Cycle and Body Pump have really helped me to increase my cardio and burn those extra calories on top of the weight training.

The other significant change was nutrition and ensuring that I was in a calorie deficit each week, I have never taken my nutrition as serious as I have done over the last few months and the results show it, I truly believe 70% of the effort is in the diet. 

What goals have you achieved so far in this brief period and how often do you visit the club?

I visit the gym 4-6 times per week primarily focusing on weight lifting. Concentrating on a single body part per work out, with a pyramid style method but throwing in drop sets and supersets to mix things up and shock the body. This year I am really concentrating on burning as much body fat as possible without losing muscle.

So far in my initial ten weeks I have lost 6.6 kg in weight, dropped 10.2% body fat and put on 3kg of muscle and feeling the best, I have felt for years!!!

What is your next step?
The next step is to get to 8-10% body fat to see that six pack, I’d like to get really lean and prove to myself I can do it, I haven’t been that lean since my early twenties!

Jacob Ferla:
Grant was one of our Founding Members and has been training religiously since we’ve opened, and this shows in his results. Grant trains 4-6 times a week and sometimes even twice a day, mixing his training between heavy resistance work, cardio and classes.

Grant initially had his wellness starter session, which is where he set achievable goals of dropping his body fat percentage while keeping or building muscle mass at the same time. In the four months, he’s been a member; Grant has dropped 10.2% body fat while gaining 3kg of muscle. He has also improved his hydration levels by 10 percent and reduced his visceral fat by half.

Grants results really show how much is achievable in a brief period with demanding work and dedication. Well done Grant for your determination to reach your goals!

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