How long have you been a member of Avenue?
I joined as a tennis member when the club first opened as a founding member. Later I changed my membership to included the gym in order to improve my fitness for a surgery that I had planned. 

Tell us about your experience with your Personal Trainer (Sarah ) and your wellness journey...
Sarah has always been on hand to advise and encourage me, my Wellness programme is designed to help me meet my goals, and with regular reviews, it continues to evolve. Having someone like Sarah keeps me very motivated.

What is your next step?
As my rehabilitation continues with Sarah’s encouragement and patience I am now able to return to racquet sports to complement the gym work. Joining Avenue has been and is one of the most positive things I have done.

Sarah Cooper:
Jacky signed up to her Wellness programme only in March of this year and really knew what she wanted right from the start.  Jacky has had major surgery on her shoulder and is often in pain, this has not put her off; instead she has learnt to work around these issues to rehabilitate and regain mobility. Jacky set goals straight away in her Wellness starter session where she decided she wanted to possibly lose a little weight, but the primary goal was to improve mobility in her shoulder and to keep her fitness level up. Jacky has most definitely achieved her goals for mobility and strength. I am incredibly proud of this lady, she is a true inspiration. Jacky has shown what true dedication can really do when you stay consistent and enthusiastic. Well done Jacky!

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