How long have you been a member of Avenue Tennis?
I joined in September 2017.

Tell us about your experience with your Personal Trainer (Sarah Cooper) and your wellness journey...
Having taken part in most of the classes at Avenue Tennis, I decided to challenge myself further and signed up for Personal Training with Sarah. I can honestly say since starting personal training I have noticed such a difference in my strength and physique. Sarah has got a wealth of knowledge under her belt and gives valuable guidance on strength and fitness goals together with sound nutritional advice. She is so supportive and encouraging, which pushes me way beyond what I’d ever achieved on my own. 

My wellness journey has gone beyond just the classes, and I now look forward to a punishing but rewarding workout. Sarah mixes up every session and plans them well, I never know what to expect, and this is what is getting me to where I want to be. Never in a million years would I have tried, let alone achieved lifting over my own body weight but thanks to Sarah I did. After a year of fitness at other gyms I have gained far more since joining Avenue Tennis than I ever have before and long may it continue.

What is your next step?
To continue to train hard in the gym, during fitness classes and Personal Training sessions to improve myself further.

Sarah Cooper:
Kelly set goals straight away in her wellness starter session and just progressed from there with outstanding results. She has stayed consistent and positive while also being very positive and motivational member.

Kelly decided to start Personal Training with myself, and over this time she has gained strength, changed shape, and her confidence has boosted massively. Kelly has achieved a massive goal deadlifting 70kg for a full 7 reps this is almost 20kg heavier than her own body weight!!

She has shown us what determination and dedication can really do when you stay consistent and enthusiastic, well done Kelly!

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