MEMBER OF THE MONTH : Nicholas Cooper

How long have you been a member of Avenue?
I joined back in August 2017 shortly after getting engaged to my then fiancée in a bid to re-invigorate my exercise levels in a bid to get “Wedding Fit”. 

Tell us about your experience with your Personal Trainer and your wellness journey...
I had previously been a member of other gyms and regularly play competitive football but had found that work commitments and a one-dimensional approach to training had meant that my gym visits had become stale and infrequent. Since joining the Avenue gym , I’ve been regularly attending 3-4 varied classes a week and the engaging nature of all the trainers means these are refreshing, challenging and fun. I genuinely now look forward to my gym visits. Six months before the wedding my (now) wife and I started weekly couples’ Personal Training sessions with Sarah in a bid to intensify, focus and add a further multi-dimensional aspect to my training. These were superb and Sarah pushed me constantly out of my comfort zone and challenged me constantly to improve my form and technique. The community feel that the other trainers all bring to the club means I feel supported and encouraged in every class or gym visit regardless of who was officially doing my Personal Training and is something truly unique and valuable.

What is your next step?
The next step is to continue the journey – thanks to all the team at Avenue I’ve well and truly got the fitness bug back and I intend to continue to apply and refine what I’ve learnt as I continue the push to be “fit by forty” (gulp!)

Sarah Cooper:
Nick signed up in August of last year with the goal of getting fit for his wedding. He made a commitment to the gym and also started taking part in the classes. Since then, Nick has made massive improvements, decreasing his waist measurement by 14cm and body fat % by 7%, whilst simultaneously building 5lbs of muscle.

Nick shows dedication and hard work with every gym session, sometimes training twice a day on the lead up to his wedding. He is always driven, friendly and willing to try anything, and is a great, positive addition to any class he attends.

Nick has proved through his year as a member with us what hard work and consistency can achieve and he’s a great asset to the club. Well done Nick!

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