How long have you been a member of Avenue?
I joined Avenue on the 1st September 2018 with a view of getting back to fitness.  Earlier in the year I stopped playing squash due to a knee injury and was keen to get back to some form of regular exercise, but was unsure what I could do without damaging my knee again.

Tell us about your experience with your Personal Trainer (David Griggs) and your wellness journey...
When I visited the Avenue for the first time I was warmly welcomed by the reception team and showed around the centre, I found it so impressive. I joined straight away and booked my induction in, it was then I met David. We spent some time talking about my goals and past injuries, this I found very helpful. David put together two programs based on my needs, but always bearing in mind my recent injury.

The programs worked really well, enabling me to continually train without any issues with my knee. I started to join the fitness classes and found them so motivating, especially the Group Cycle class, they are amazing and very addictive. At my six week review, David took the time to listen to how I had been getting on. Also, he explained how he thought I might like to consider more body shaping and less cardio. David then wrote a new program plan to reflect what we had discussed and agreed. 

What is your next step?
My plan going forward is to do fewer cardio classes and up my gym and weights time. I would like to achieve more weight loss and better body shape. My goal is to start a one to one weekly plan with David starting January for the next 3 months to help me achieve my targets.

David Griggs:
Tony has put in the effort from day one, he takes part in numerous classes and often does a class in the morning and then comes back in the evening to go through it all again!

He has been fully engaging with his programme and has achieved so much since his start-up. Not just in the gym, he has also taken the advice on board about his diet and keeping active outside of the gym as well. 

His mindset has been great and an inspiration to watch, with all of this we would like to congratulate you Tony on all your hard work and embracing your new lifestyle.


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