If current trends continue, 2.7 billion of the adult population will be overweight by 2025 – up from 2.0 billion in 2014.  That's 46%, nearly half of all adults that will be overweight if this trend is left untreated. Obesity is responsible for a considerable proportion of diseases such as heart disease, liver disease and many types of cancer.

It's not easy to lose weight as it's not just about “going on a diet” it's about changing your lifestyle and habits, and your complete way of thinking because it's not just a physical challenge but a mental one too. 

If you would like to lose weight, speak to a member of the Avenue Tennis fitness team who will be able to advise and teach you properly about diet and exercise. They will create a customised programme for you to help you healthily reach your goals and show you multiple workouts that keep you excited about training.

And if you want that added push, maybe consider some personal training. A personal trainer is there to be a confidant, mentor, and cheerleader to keep you going when you feel you have hit a brick wall.

As 2018 comes to an end, make it your mission to change your habits to eat healthier meals, drink more water and exercises more. 

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