Recipe : Battered Cod and Homemade Chips

Avenue's Head Chef's favourites is back again!

What's not to love about this battered cod and homemade chips with warm tartare sauce recipe from Head Chef Sam. 

You will need:
- Cod loins
- Désirée potatos x 4

For the beer batter you will need:
- Self-raising flour x 125g
- Beer/Cider - 100ml
- Baking powder x 1 teaspoon
- Caster sugar x 1 teaspoon
- Water - 100/150ml

For the tartare sauce you will need:
- Shallot, diced x 1
- Gherkins, diced x 2
- Capers, diced x 8
- Garlic clove, diced x 1
- Double cream - 50ml
- Fish stock - 100ml

For the mayo you will need:
- Egg yolks x 2
- Dijon mustard x 1 tablespoon
- Olive oil - 250ml
- White wine vinegar x 1 tablespoon


To make the batter, you need to add all the batter ingredients together in a mixing bowl and combine using a whisk (the mix will need resting for up to 20 minutes before use).

For the chips, wash your potatoes and cut to your preferred size.  Boil/steam until soft and roast in the oven with oil, salt and pepper until cooked making sure you rotate the chips so evenly cooked. Head Chef Sam, treat's his chips like roast potatoes. He heats the oil in a tray in the oven first for 8/10 minutes before adding the chips.

For the tartare sauce, make the homemade mayonnaise first by placing the mustard and egg yolks into a mixing bowl and a splash of oil. Incorporate, then while whisking with a slow stream, add the oil until you get a thick, mayo consistency. 

Taste and add the white wine vinegar, or you can use lemon. 

Finely dice the gherkin, capers, garlic and shallot and put to one side.

Heat your stock in a pan (doesn't need to be fish you can use any it's mainly for flavouring, but chicken or vegetable works too). Add the cream to the mayo mix, incorporate and add to a pan on a very low heat as we only want to warm through the mix; otherwise, it'll split. 

Slowly add the stock until you can cover the back of a spoon. Add the diced veg and combine and leave to one side (if need be, add more stock if too quick). At this point, if you have any herbs laying about, i.e. parsley, coriander, dill work very well. 

Ensure you have a pan of very hot oil. The oil will need to be very hot before cooking the fish. (A way to test this is shown in the video). The fish will need to be sufficiently coated in the batter mix before carefully placing in the oil. This will take 5/6 minutes to cook.

Cook the fish at the same time as finishing the sauce (about 10 minutes before chips are done) make sure you rest the fish on a cloth or kitchen roll before serving.


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