What Is Sarcopenia?

Let’s talk. 

Have you heard of Sarcopenia? 

Sarcopenia is the loss of skeletal muscle due to the natural ageing process. It impacts the size and strength of the muscle. 

People who suffer from Sarcopenia will often experience general weakness and loss of stamina, making it difficult for them to carry out day to day and physical activities.

The primary treatment for Sarcopenia is a healthy lifestyle. Regular exercise - specifically resistance and strength training, regular cardio and a good nutritional diet.

It is essential to take care whilst exercising and to know your body’s limit. Working with a qualified personal trainer and having a personalised program is a great way to monitor your progress and provides a checklist with injuries in mind.

But how do we measure and monitor muscle mass? 

This can be monitored with regular health checks and using health monitoring technology such as the Tanita Machine. The Tanita machine provides a detailed full body and segmental body composition analysis.

This includes -  Muscle Mass, Weight, Body Fat Percentage, Body Fat Mass, Body Mass Index, Fat-Free Mass, Total Body Water, and Basal Metabolic Rate for the entire body.

Here at Avenue Tennis, our members are our number one priority. We believe it is vital to inform you about conditions such as Sarcopenia as not many people are aware of this and the importance of muscle. 

Remember to book your Wellness Review with us at Avenue Tennis! Every six weeks, you can meet with your personal trainer for your Wellness Review to review your goals and fitness plan. This includes a health assessment to check progress and adjust your plan accordingly.

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