We love to play short tennis here at Avenue Tennis! Played on a badminton court, short tennis is also known as mini tennis or touch tennis. We have Kent's best short tennis courts that are indoor and are available to our members 363 days a year!

Short tennis games can be played within 30 minutes, allowing you to maximise your time on court. This is perfect as an introduction to tennis or if you want to avoid the outdoor elements.

Short tennis is played with sponge balls, lower nets and smaller rackets. Several rules are similar to the long version of the game; however, short tennis does have a few rules unique to the sport.

Starting a Point
Standing behind the baseline of the box, each point is initiated by an underarm or overarm serve which has to land in the diagonal service box. You are only allowed one serve in short tennis, if the ball touches the net the ball is then played on.

The ball has to bounce once before it can be returned, players are then allowed to volley.

Scoring Options
Points are scored the same as full tennis with the traditional method of 15, 30 and 40. To win a set you need to get to 4 games and be clear by 2 games. At 4-4 a tie break is played to 5 points, sudden death at 4-4 to decide the set. First 3 sets wins the match

The player first to reach 4 points wins the game, then the first to win four games wins the set. If at three games the set score is tied, a tiebreaker is played. To win the tiebreak, you must win two out of three sets to win the match.