Short tennis, a class for everyone! Also known as short-court or mini tennis which is played on half the court but twice the fun!

Typically played for a shorter duration than standard tennis and is perfect for anyone new to tennis, or simply as a fun activity of its own.

Short tennis is played with soft balls, lower nets and smaller racquets. Several rules are similar to the long version of the game; however, short tennis does have a few rules unique to the sport.

Starting a Point
Standing behind the baseline of the box, each point is initiated by an underarm serve.

The ball has to bounce once before it can be returned. Volleys are not permitted.

Scoring Options
One point is given for the result of each play. With this scoring policy, matches can be won using two-out-of-three sets scoring, table tennis scoring or volleyball scoring.

The player first to reach 4 points wins the game, then the first to win four games wins the set. If at three games the set score is tied, a tiebreaker is played. To win the tiebreak, you must win two out of three sets to win the match.