Fat blasting tips & tricks

Tired of doing hours and hours of cardio work and only seeing minimal fat loss? Blast the fat with high-intensity interval training. It is a much faster way of burning fat which will allow you to have better results with less time spent at the gym. The idea of this type of training is to alternate between a flat-out high intense period of training and having a low-intensity recovery period. Studies show that 36% of women burn more fat after an interval training session than doing an hour of continuous training. It is a fun way to blast that unwanted fat!

Full-body workouts
When doing full-body workouts, you can blast more fat. This is because you will be losing weight from multiple different areas of your body instead of just focusing on individual body parts. This way you also have several different exercises to chose from and can keep your workout fun.

One of the most important factors in burning fat is to change your workout. If you are using the same cardio or resistance machines or using the same free weight exercises, your body will automatically get used to this and once you peak you will not be able to progress. You need to make sure that you're either switching up the machines or changing the amount of weights or reps you use otherwise your body will struggle to burn the fat, and you will be putting in all that effort to receive no rewards back from it. And if you are not seeing the rewards, then your motivation will fall, and then you will be back to square one.

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