How to stay motivated

We all have days where we feel demotivated, and we don’t really feel like heading to the gym to do that fitness class or gym workout that you planned. The best way to deal with this is to think of the reason why you started and why you're doing this in the first place.

Setting goals is one of the most effective ways of staying motivated and one of the most important things to do. Regardless of the size of your goal, it's essential to have something to aim for. Setting short, medium and long-term goals is probably one of the best ways to do this. This way you will always have something to work towards. For example, holidays, birthdays, weddings etc.

Another effective way to stay motivated is taking progress pictures. On the first day of each month take a photo, this way you can track your progress. It is so easy to forget how far you have come and it's always good to remind yourself where you started and see where you are now. The change may not be drastic month to month, but if you keep them and compare six months down the line, if you stay dedicated you will see changes. 

Sometimes training on your own can be very difficult. Training by yourself, week after week it can become very hard for some. Training with a friend occasionally or with a personal trainer will boost your confidence, and this always helps with keeping motivated. This way you have someone to push you that one step further, so you keep improving and reaching the goals you have set out to achieve. 

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