How long have you been a member of Avenue?
I joined Avenue Tennis March 2017

Tell us about your experience with your Personal Trainer (Chess Adams) and your wellness journey...
When I joined Avenue I had been given the all clear to recommence activities following major knee surgery 15months earlier to repair torn ligaments and hamstring. The focus was to get fit again, gain strength and learn to play tennis, unfortunately, after 3 months my enthusiastic return to sport came to a halt when my pelvis fractured. The result, more time recuperating and a revised approach to my recovery!

Avenue was amazingly supportive during this time and suspended my membership. I also took the opportunity to discuss my issues with Chess Adams who was my fitness assessor.  Chess became my Personal Trainer in February 2017 and worked initially with my physio to devise a holistic and controlled approach to my recuperation and overall strength building. 

The ever patient Chess continues to be my personal trainer, and the huge improvements in my fitness have been largely down to her training approach, which importantly includes time spent on correct posture to prevent further injury. I’d like to thank Chess for her humour, firmness and commitment to my recovery while making each session one of positivity and fun.

What is your next step?
My next steps are to continue a progressive programme with Chess of core strengthening and further improvements to my overall fitness to return to high impact sport such as tennis.

Chess Adams
Karen has been training with myself for a year in February. Karen has had a few injuries in her journey; however, she has never let it knock her. Every session Karen comes in for she always has a positive attitude and she never fails to put a smile on my face. No matter what exercises I throw at her she still gives them 110% effort. Karen is an absolute pleasure to train, and I am so proud of her. Well done Karen, keep up the hard work!

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