How long have you been a member of Avenue Tennis?
I have been a member of Avenue Tennis for ten months

Tell us about your experience with your Personal Trainer (Sarah Cooper) and your wellness journey...
Sarah has right from the very first induction session provided me with realistic goals and objectives, which have encouraged me to push myself to attain them, and in the process, it has dramatically helped me in controlling my long-term Type 2 diabetes. This has been confirmed in my medical reviews, and my regular attendance at Avenue Tennis is seen as a significant contributing factor in my overall improved levels of health and fitness.

What is your next step?
I look forward to Sarah continuing our regular reviews to provide me with new challenges and goals that I hope I can meet. Sarah is very focused and seeks to find new training routines that offer variety in a way that maintains interest and variety.

Sarah Cooper:
Philip signed up in June of last year and has hit his goals hard right from the start, keeping consistent and positive while also being a very courteous, positive and motivational member. Philip has had a few little injuries on the way, but this has not put him off instead he has learnt how to work around these.

Philip set goals straight away in his wellness starter session, where he decided he wanted to lose weight and build his stamina and strength. Since June, Philip's strength and stamina have increased massively while also dropping body fat, increasing his water intake and lowering his visceral fat.

Philip has shown us what demanding work and dedication can really do when you stay consistent and enthusiastic, well done Philip!

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