Simple nutrition tips

Nutrition can be a minefield when it comes to how to address your current diet and what changes to make. A major overhaul of your food can cause an adverse effect and can leave you feeling disillusioned by the changes. 

A smart way to make changes is to pick the simplest and those most likely to be adhered to. 

For example, here are a few changes and swaps you can make...

  • Sugary/fizzy drinks to spring water with fruit juice
  • White pasta to wholemeal pasta or quinoa
  • Processed meats to fresh organic meat
  • Sugary snack bars to raw fruit and nut bars
  • White bread to brown or multi-seeded bread
  • White Instant rice to wholegrain or basmati rice

By making simple changes like these, it is relatively straightforward to implement these changes without causing too much disruption. 

Once you have successfully made that change, you can then look to making another simple change. The overall purpose of this task is to improve food quality. 

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